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Name: Wolverine (VI)
Real Name: Unknown
Previous Names: Logan
Current Team Affiliation: None (Deceased)
Previous Team Affiliation: X-Men
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #371
Death Occurrence: Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 2) #3
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Shape-Shifting, Claws, Inablility to be detected as a Skrull
Source of Powers: Alien (Skrull), Mutate (Altered into a Super-Skrull)
Note: Wolverine (VI) replaced the real Wolverine in order to infiltrate the X-Men and observe.
Currently: Wolverine was killed by the Horseman of Death, the real Wolverine.
Cross References: None

Character Highlights

Wolverine (VI) was a rare 'mutant' Skrull and had a very short life in comics. After the X-Men escaped the Skrull homeworld, after Professor X failed to reason with Galactus, all the X-Men went into stasis while they made the journey back home, to their own time. Their ship was attacked by a Skrull ship, and the Skrull kidnapped Wolverine from out of stasis and put an imposter Skrull in his place. This imposter Skrull was so advanced, he shape-shifted so well that the transformation was complete all the way down to the cellular level, so that not even Phoenix nor Professor X could tell it wasn't the real Wolverine.

Wolverine (VI) then proceeded to play his role on the X-Men, even taking on the Hulk and Weapon X. Then Professor X seemingly lost his mind and disbanded the team, his true reasons unknown until a later date. Shortly after the team was disbanded, Phoenix and Cyclops formed an "emergency" X-Men team after receiving a telepathic S.O.S., Wolverine (VII) was one of the first to join. Later, while this new X-Men team were battling one of Apocalypse's horsemen, The Horseman of Death, Wolverine (VII) sacrificed himself by being impaled with Death's sword. Falling to the ground, one last breath escaped and he laid lifeless. Phoenix couldn't detect any brain activity, and couldn't believe he was dead.

Back at the mansion, where the other X-Men retruned, they all couldn't believe their friend and longtime teammate had died. During an autopsy, performed by Beast and Moira, Wolverine's true face was revealed. He was a Skrull, who shape-shifted all the way down to the cellular level, but with one flaw, he couldn't mimic the true Wolverine's healing factor.

Professor X reveals his true reasoning for disbanding the X-Men, how he knew there was an imposter amongst them, but he did not know who. But now that the imposter was revealed, they realize that the Skrulls have allied themselves with Apocalypse. But the team wondered, where was the real Wolverine?

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