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Name: White Queen
Real Name: Emma Grace Frost
Previous Names: None
Current Team Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Team Affiliation: The Cabal, Hellions, Generation X, Inner Circle, Hellfire Club, Frost International
First Appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #129
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Telepathy, Mind Control, Possession, Mind Switching, Psionic Blasts, Diamond Form; Formerly: Strength, Phoenix Force
Source of Powers: Human Mutant
Note: White Queen cannot use her telepathy when she is in diamond form.
Currently: White Queen co-leads the X-Men with Cyclops.
Cross References: Adrienne Frost (Sister)(D), Cordelia Frost (Sister), Christian Frost (Brother), Winston Frost (Father), Hazel Frost (Mother), Stepford Cuckoos (Daughters), Cyclops (Lover) (D=Deceased)

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