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Name: Thunderbird
Real Name: John Proudstar
Previous Names: Corporal Proudstar
Current Team Affiliation: None (Deceased)
Previous Team Affiliation: X-Men, US Marine Corps, Apache Tribe
First Appearance: Giant-Sized X-Men #1
Death Occurrence: X-Men (vol. 1) #95; Second Death: X-Force (Vol. 3) #25
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Speed, Strength, Endurance, Thick Skin; Formerly: Techno-Organic Regeneration; Channeling the Thunderbird (Teleportation)
Source of Powers: Human Mutant
Note: Thunderbird lied about his age to serve in the Marines.
Currently: Thunderbird originally died on his second mission with the X-Men, then was killed by his brother after he was resurrected by Eli Bard.
Cross References: Neal Proudstar (Father)(D), Maria Proudstar (Mother)(D), Warpath (Brother) (D)=Deceased

Character Highlights

Thunderbird was born an Apache and had a relatively short life in comics. He regarded himself throughout his life as a loner and an outcast. He wished to prove himself to be a warrior in the tradition of his ancestors, and he was dissatisfied with what he regarded as the complacent lives led by his fellow Apaches on their reservation. Too young to join the armed forces, Thunderbird lied about his age and entered the United States Marines, to prove he was a warrior. Soon after his tour of duty, he returned to the reservation, where his mutant powers manifested. He wrestled and threw a charging bison barehanded to save an endangered little girl. Afterwards, he earned fame among his tribespeople.

Later, Professor X located Proudstar, using Cerebro, and invited him to become one of the X-Men. He accepted and his first mission (along with the six other new recruits) was to rescue the original X-Men from the "living island" of Krakoa in the South Pacific. On his next mission, the new X-Men went to the Colorado Rockies, the location of a North American Air Defense command center which had been taken over by Count Nefaria in an international extortion scheme. After the X-Men had foiled his plans, Nefaria attempted to escape in a small aircraft. Thunderbird managed to climb onto the plane as it took off. Defying Professof X's telepathic warnings to get off the plane, Thunderbird was finally going to prove he was a true Apache warrior. Using his superhuman strength, Thunderbird ripped open part of the plane and wreaked havoc on its internal systems. Furiously, Thunderbird pummeled the aircraft until finally it exploded, killing him instantly. Nefaria, teleported to safety.

Thunderbird was recently resurrected by Selene and Eli Bard, in her plot to rule the world as queen. Thunderbird had his brother, Warpath kill him again so his soul wouldn't be consumed by Selene. Tgunderbird was resurrected once again during the Chaos War, with several other deceased X-Men. He called upon the Thunderbird entity to help him escape the Carrion Crow. Once the Chaos King was defeated, Thunderbird returned to the afterlife.

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