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Name: Storm
Real Name: Queen Ororo Iqadi T'Challa (nee Munroe)
Previous Names: Goddess Ororo, Mutate #20, Weather Witch, Windrider, Princess of N'Dare, Le Reine Storm, Ororo Komos Wakandas
Current Team Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Team Affiliation: Fantastic Four, Storm's Squad, Imperfects, X.S.E. (II), The Arena, Morlocks
First Appearance: Giant-Sized X-Men #1
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Weather Control, Flight; Formerly: Claws, Knives, Wings; Strength
Source of Powers: Human Mutant
Note: Storm is claustrophobic.
Currently: Storm is residing on Utopia.
Cross References: Black Panther (Husband), David Munroe (Father)(D), N'Dare Munroe (Mother)(D), David Munroe (II)(Cousin), Harriet Munroe (Grandmother), Mr. Munroe (Grandfather), Unnamed Grandmother (D=Deceased)

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