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Name: Revanche
Real Name: Kwannon
Previous Names: Psylocke (III)
Current Team Affiliation: None (Deceased)
Previous Team Affiliation: X-Men, The Hand
First Appearance: X-Men (Vol. 2) #17
Death Occurrence: X-Men (Vol. 2) #31
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Telepathy, Psy-Knife, Bionic Eyes, Ninja Assassin, Empathy
Source of Powers: Human Mutant
Note: Revanche switched bodies with Psylocke and gained her powers, and for a time, thought she was Psylocke.
Currently: Revanche had her lover, Matsu'o kill her before she could die from the Legacy Virus.
Cross References: Psylocke (Body Swapper), Matsu'o (Lover)

Character Highlights

Revanche was a highly skilled and powerful ninja assassin in Japan. One day she was pitted against another assassin named Matsu'o, who loved Kwannon. During their fight, she was thrown off a cliff. He took Kwannon's body to be healed and Spiral offered to help, and her mind had been merged with Psylocke's. Matsu'o tried to save her body by going through with the mind transfer between her and Psylocke.

Later, Revanche sneaks into the Mansion, undetected because she has Psylocke's psi-signature and body. After taking Psylocke out, with her Psi-knife, she reveals herself to be Betsy Braddock, calling Psylocke an impostor.

The X-Men turn against Psylocke, believing Revanche is who she claims to be. Wolverine tells Professor X that in neither Psylocke nor Revanche are lying, however neither is being completely truthful. He makes this judgment based on their scent and also on the fighting techniques they used being ones neither should know as Betsy Braddock. Professor X sends Beast, Gambit, Psylocke, and Revanche to Japan to find Nyoirin and find out the truth.

After a battle with Silver Samurai, Nyoirin finally appears. He reveals that Revanche and Psylocke are both Kwannon and both Betsy Braddock, and that the exchange had left half of each womans' mind in each womans' body.

On a mission to determine the reasons behind a mutant hideaway run by Jonathon Chambers, it's revealed that Revanche has contracted the legacy virus. Revanche decides to leave the Mansion. She leaves behind her bionic eyes that were implanted by Mojo. She didn't want to die from the legacy virus, so she asks Matsu'o to kill her. He refused at first, but goes through with it, making her body eplode with psychic energy, sending a psychic backlash to Psylocke.

Shortly after, using the bionic eyes Revanche left behind, the X-Men discover the plans of Matsu'o and the Mandarin. Their plan was to place the mind of Kwannon into Betsy's body. Matsu'o had made arrangements for Kwannon's body to survive the transfer with Spiral. Spiral had manipulated genetic coding between Kwannon and Betsy. As a last act, Revanche had requested Matsu'o to allow Psylocke some peace. Betsy needed some final answers. So when she appeared, Matsu'o took her to Revanche's dying place and explained all he could. He used the imprinted telepathic energy she left to rid Psylocke of Kwannon's memories.

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