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Name: Quicksilver
Real Name: Pierto Maximoff
Previous Names: Chthon, Pietro Frank, Mateo Maximoff, Gypsy Davy
Current Team Affiliation: Avengers Academy
Previous Team Affiliation: Avengers, Genoshan Cabinet, Knights of Wundagore, Queen's Vengeance, Avengers West Coast, X-Factor, Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants
First Appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #4
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Super Speed; Formerly: Shift Forward In Time, Create Multiple Versions of Himself By Relocating Himself In Time, Cause Temporary Mutations In Others
Source of Powers: Human Mutant; Mutate (Briefly Altered by Terrigen Crystals)
Note: Quicksilver was responsible for creating House of M.
Currently: Quicksilver recently joined the Avengers Academy as a teacher.
Cross References: Magneto (Father), Magda Lehnsherr (Mother)(D), Anya Lehnsherr (Sister)(D), Scarlet Witch (Sister), Polaris (Half-Sister), Crystal (Ex-Wife), Luna Maximoff (Daughter), Medusa (III)(Sister-In-Law), Django Maximoff (Foster Father)(D), Marya Maximoff (Foster Mother)(D), Ruth Eisnhardt (Aunt)(D), Jakob Eisenhardt (Grandfather)(D), Edie Eisnhardt (Grandmother)(D), Erich Eisenhardt (Great-Uncle)(D), Unnamed Grandmother (D), Vision (II)(Ex-Brother-In-Law)(D) (D=Deceased)

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