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Name: Psylocke
Real Name: Elisabeth "Betsy" Gloriana Braddock
Previous Names: Lady Mandarin, Captain Britain (II)
Current Team Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Team Affiliation: Force Warriors, X-Club (Unofficial), Exiles (III), X.S.E. (II), Excalibur, The Hand, Hellfire Club, R.C.X., Captain Britain Corps., S.T.R.I.K.E. Psi-Division
First Appearance: Captain Britain #8
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Current: Ninja Skills, Telekinesis, Psi-Blade, Psi-Knife (Neuron Disruption), Telepathic Butterfly (Telepathy, Mind Control, Illusions, Psi-Bolts, Psycho-Blast), Immune to Telepathy, Invisibility To Machines, Swords; Formerly: Precognition, Bionic Eyes, Flight, Strength, Body Armor, Shadow Crawling
Source of Powers: Human Mutant, Mutate (Altered by Mojo, Spiral, the Crimson Dawn, and Jamie Braddock)
Note: Psylocke recently and mysteriously returned to life.
Currently: Psylocke recently returned to the X-Men.
Cross References: Revanche (Body Swapper)(D), Captain Britain (Twin Brother), Gloriana (Sister-In-Law), Jamie Braddock (Brother), James Braddock (Father)(D), Elizabeth Braddock (Mother)(D) (D=Deceased)

Character Highlights

Psylocke was born the twin sister of Captain Britain. They were very close as children and their father used to take them to the Hellfire Club in England when they were children. Later, as an adult, Captain Britain was captured by Sat-yr-nin, a ruler of another dimension, and was replaced by that dimensions version of Captain Britain (Kaptain Briton). Briton pretended to be gentle to Betsy, but when they were in her bedroom he attempted to rape her. During the struggle, she read his mind and found out it wasn't her brother, and unleashed telepahty and wiped his brain, killing him in the process.
Later, Psylocke and her brother grew distant from one another. And eventually, after Brian decided to quit being Captain Britain, she the mantle of the name. A while later, an old nemesis of her brother's, Slaymaster, ruthlessly attacked and almost killing her and causing her to lose her eyesight. Brian felt his sister's telepathic scream and flew to her and defeated Slaymaster, killing him in the process. Brian became Captain Britain again and left the manor.
A friend of hers from the R.C.X. (Resource Control Executive), offered her photo-receptive cybernetic implants to cure her blindness. She refused and stated that she is not truly blind, since her telepathy allows her to 'see' better than by normal sight alone. Later, Psylocke was captured by Mojo and Spiral, who gave her new eyes. After receiving help from Cypher and Warlock from the New Mutants, she discovered that her new eyes where artificial. Eventually, she decided to stay at the X-Men Mansion to learn how to use her powers more efficiently, to protect herself and others.
During the mutant Massacre, Sabretooth broke into the mansion, and when Psylocke tried to scan him using Cerebro, it set of a psychic backlash that knocked her to the floor. When she tried to contact the X-Men, Sabretooth tore up cerebro, and tried to kill her. Still too weak, she temporarily stunned him with a psychic blast and ran up into Storm's attic. He chased her and caught up to her. She was saved when Wolverine and Storm showed up. Sabretooth and Wolverine started fighting and he dove off a cliff into the ocean below and got away. The next day, the X-Men asked Psylocke to become a member of the team. She agreed.
Much later, she washed up on an island in the South China Sea, after walking into the Siege Perilous portal, and was taken by members of the Hand. A while later Matsuo Tsurayaba, a Jonin of the Hand came to the island. When he saw her, he knew who she was, and had plans for her to become the perfect assassin. After using the Mandarin's rings and Hand spiritual powers to change her mind, Psylocke put on her Lady Mandarin armor along with the Mandarin's rings. After a brief battle with Wolverine, Psylocke regained control of her mind and Her, Wolverine and Jubilee returned back to the X-Men.
Some time later, while training in the danger room, a cloaked woman wearing Psylocke's old armor shows up, stating she is Betsy Braddock and that Psylocke is an assassin called Kwannon. After a mission to Japan to find out who was who, they found out that a little bit of Psylocke was inside Kwannon and vice versa. Later, it was revealed that the Hand used Psylocke to attempt to restore a dying Kwannon's mind and resulted of a switching of minds and manipulated genetic coding. After Revanche died, Matsu'o, the man who killed Revanche at her request, used left over telepathic energy to purge all of Kwannon's memories from Psylocke.
Later, Boomer tries to kill Sabretooth and ends up setting him free. Psylocke jumps in and tries unsuccessfully to stop him with her Psi-knife. Sabretooth mentions 'the glow' doesn't work on him anymore and a battle ensues, the result being Sabretooth pratically ripping Psylocke apart. Near death, Psylocke needed a miracle. Wolverine and Archangel travel to a mystical world to obtain that miracle, the essence of the Crimson Dawn. Using the Crimson Dawn elixir, Psylocke's body heals, but she gains a new ability, 'Shadow Crawling', and gets a permanent Crimson Dawn 'tattoo' over her eye.
Shortly after, Psylocke's attitude began changing. She began becoming more distant from her lover, Archangel. Suddenly, mystical demons called undercloaks attack Archangel and Psylocke, and Psylocke is kidnapped by the ruler of the Crimson Dawn plane, Kuragari, who plans to make Psylocke his bride. After her soul is tainted, turning her evil, she has a brief battle with Archangel. Psylocke breaks free of the control and defeats Kuragari.
Shortly later, during Psi-War, Psylocke travels to the astral plan to battle Shadow King who has incapacitated the rest of the X-Men. She tries to stop him with her Psi-knife, which sets off a chain-reaction that results in all people with mental-based powers to temporary lose those powers. After getting beaten by Shadow King, Psylocke pulls a last effort trick out of her sleeve. Turning into a being of shadow, she uses her control over shadows to surround the Shadow King and pulls him deep into her own mind, shutting off her powers to keep him trapped inside. She then left the team, feeling she couldn't be an X-Man without having any powers.
She then played an important role in Contest of Champions II, helping Iron Man and a band of other heroes defeat the Brood. She then helped Jubilee, Nightcrawler, and Archangel turn Wolverine back to good from the evil influence and control of Apocalypse, by using Cerebro to amplify a small fraction of her power that she dared use as to not release Shadow King.
Six months later, Psylocke, along with the X-Men, is on the space station that High Evolutionary had used to take away every mutants powers. It was sabotaged by the Neo, a race of super mutants, and Psylocke used her newfound telekinesis powers (she swapped powers with Phoenix during the 6 month gap) to hold a section of it together while they X-Men returned to Earth.
After a long battle with the Neo, Betsy and Warren tried having an evening of quiet time. Suddenly, they were attacked by a group of individuals calling themselves the Twisted Sisters, who were sent by the now freed, Shadow King. After a brief battle, the rest of the X-Men came to the rescue, the Shadow King in the background vowing it wasn't over.
Betsy's flirtation with the new member, Thunderbird, grew, causing Archangel's jealousy to grow to point where he broke off his relationship with her and flew off. Psylocke then chose to leave the main X-Men group with Storm to form a new group in order to search for Destiny's lost diaries. Psylocke died in a battle with a powerful villain named, Vargas, trying to protect her fallen teammates, Beast and Rogue.
Psylocke has recently returned to life without any explaination as to how or why. She appeared in the exact spot where she was killed. After being taken into custody by Spain's Action Force, they notified Storm's X-Men team. The X-Men took Betsy into custody, where she was when the X-Men were taken prisoner by the Haku'ka. After being released by X-23, Psylocke easily defeated a small group of Hauk'ka. Psylocke and X-23 decended into the Hauk'ka lair to rescue their teammates. Later, Psylocke discovered that her brother, Jamie was responsible for her resurrection. During a trip to England to visit her brother, Brian, she became into a battle with the Shadow King. Defeating him, Betsy vanished and ended up in the headquaters of the dimensional travelling group, the Exiles.

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