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Name: Donald Pierce
Real Name: Donald Pierce
Previous Names: Cyclops, White Bishop, White King (II)
Current Team Affiliation: None
Previous Team Affiliation: Young X-Men, Human Resistance, Reavers, Hellfire Club, Inner Circle
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #132 (Cameo: Uncanny X-Men #129)
Death Occurrence: New Mutants (Vol. 3) #13
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Strength, Cybernetics, Weapons, Armor, Electric Touch
Source of Powers: Human Cyborg
Note: Donald Pierce created the Reavers, an army of cyborgs.
Currently: Donald was killed from a full optic blast from Cyclops.
Cross References: Justin Pierce (Nephew), Sir Waltham Pierce (Ancestor)(D), Anton Pierce (Ancestor)(D) (D=Deceased)

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