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Name: Nocturne (IV)
Real Name: Talia "TJ" Josephine Wagner
Previous Names: None
Current Team Affiliation: None
Previous Team Affiliation: Excalibur, Brotherhood Of Mutants, Exiles (III), X-Men (Earth-2182)
First Appearance: Blink #4 (Cameo: X-Men: Millenial Visions 2001 #1)
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Possessing Other's Bodies, Energy "Hex" Bolts, Telepathy, Night Vision, Wall-Crawling, Agility
Source of Powers: Human Mutant
Note: Nocturne has recently had a stroke.
Currently: Nocturne is taking time off from heroing, to heal from her stroke.
Cross References: Nightcrawler (Father (Earth-2182)), Scarlet Witch (Mother (Earth-2182)), Thunderbird (Lover (Earth-1100))

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