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Name: Loa
Real Name: Alani Ryan
Previous Names: None
Current Team Affiliation: Defenders
Previous Team Affiliation: Young X-Men, Alpha Squadron
First Appearance: New X-Men (Vol. 2) #5
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Water Breathing, Passing through solid objects, causing the object to crumble
Source of Powers: Human Mutant; Mutate (Altered by an Atlantean Medallion)
Note: Loa was altered by a water-breathing medallion, so now she cannot breath out of water.
Currently: Loa is living in Atlantis.
Cross References: Alaka'i Ryan II (Father), Mrs. Ryan (Mother), Ben Ryan (Grandfather), Alice Terrel-Ryan (Grandmother)(D), Alaka'i Ryan (Great-Grandfather)(D)

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