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Name: Jubilee
Real Name: Jubilation "Jubilee" Lee
Previous Names: Wondra
Current Team Affiliation: None
Previous Team Affiliation: New Warriors, The Alternative, New Mutant Leadership, X-Men, X-Corps, Generation X
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #244
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Vampirism, Strength, Sensitive to Sunlight, Speed; Formerly: Gauntlets (Strength), Webbing Balls, Pym Particle Gas (Shrinking), Fireworks, Telepathy
Source of Powers: Human Mutant (Depowered); Technology
Note: Jubilee recently lost her mutant powers as a result of M-Day.
Currently: Jubilee recently became a vampire and is trying to cope.
Cross References: Hope Lee (Aunt)

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