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Name: Nate Grey
Real Name: Nathan "Nate" Grey
Previous Names: Prisoner 19X, X-Man, Shaman of the Human Tribe
Current Team Affiliation: New Mutants
Previous Team Affiliation: X-Men, Brotherhood, Brotherhood (II)
First Appearance: X-Man #1
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Telepathy, Telekenesis; Formerly: Precognition, Psychometry, Psionic Blasts, Psychokinesis, Reconstruct his Body From Astral Energy
Source of Powers: Human Mutant
Note: Nate was one of the most powerful telepaths in the world, until the Omega Machine burnt out his powers.
Currently: Nate Grey has joined the New Mutants.
Cross References: Cyclops (II)(Father), Jean Grey (III)(Mother), Cable (Alternate Self), Havok (II)(Uncle), Sinister (II)(Creator)

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