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Name: Fantomex
Real Name: Charlie-Cluster 7
Previous Names: Jean-Phillipe Charlie, Super Soldier Generation Thirteen, Weapon XIII
Current Team Affiliation: X-Force
Previous Team Affiliation: X-Men, Weapon Plus
First Appearance: New X-Men #129
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Guns (Mutant-Killing Bullets), Multiple Brains, Mask (Telepathic Blocking), Misdirection (Illusion Generation), Healing Factor, Telepathic Link to E.V.A., Nanoactive Blood (Prevents him from believing in anything greater than himself), No Scent, Speed, Agility
Source of Powers: Human Mutant; Mutate (Altered by Weapon Plus)
Note: Fantomex was created by Weapon Plus to be a super-sentinel against mutants.
Currently: Fantomex recently joined X-Force.
Cross References: E.V.A. (Nervous System), Unnamed Mother (D) (D) = Deceased

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