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Name: Dazzler (II)
Real Name: Alison Blaire
Previous Names: Disco Dazzler, Diamondback (III), Sandy Blossom, Lightengale, Malice
Current Team Affiliation: X-Men
Previous Team Affiliation: Excalibur, Mojoworld Rebel Underground, Gladiators
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #130
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Sound Conversion Into Light, Controlling Light, Creating Light Into Objects
Source of Powers: Human Mutant
Note: Dazzler was once part of the Rebel Underground of Mojoworld.
Currently: Dazzler has returned to the X-Men.
Cross References: Longshot (Husband), Mortis (Half-Sister), Katherine Blaire (Mother), Carter Blaire (Father)(D), Nicholas Brown (Step-Father)(D), Bella Blaire (Grandmother)(D) = Deceased

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