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Name: Changeling
Real Name: Kevin Sydney
Previous Names: Professor X (II)
Current Team Affiliation: None (Deceased)
Previous Team Affiliation: X-Humed, X-Men, Factor Three
First Appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #35
Death Occurrence: X-Men (Vol. 1) #42
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Shape-Shifting, Telepathy, Telekinesis
Source of Powers: Human Mutant
Note: Changeling impersonated Professor X, while the real Professor went into seclusion.
Currently: Changeling was killed and later resurrected as a Zombie and was forced to serve on the X-Humed and is once again deceased.
Cross References: None

Character Highlights

Changeling was second-in-command of the subversive organization Factor Three. He later discovered he was dying of cancer and chose to reform himself. He went to Professor X for help. On Professor X's request, Changeling impersonated him while the real Processor X went into seclusion to prepare to repel the forthcoming attempt by the alien Z'nox to conquer Earth. Changeling later died by the explosion of an oscillotron machine that Grotesk, a lone survivor of a subterranean race, was attempting to use.

Latet, the voodoo practitioner called the Black Talon later resurrected Changeling as a zombie and forced him to serve in a team of other mutant zombies called the X-Humed. However, he still had some free will and attempted to help She-Hulk defeat the Black Talon. After the Black Talon was defeated by She-Hulk, Changeling once again became truly dead.

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