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Name: Caliban
Real Name: Caliban
Previous Names: Cal, Horseman Of Death (III), Death (IV), Hellhound, Pestilence (III), Horseman Of Pestilence (III)
Current Team Affiliation: None (Deceased)
Previous Team Affiliation: X-Force, Marauders (V), Four Horseman Of Apocalypse, Morlocks, X-Factor
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #148
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Tracking, Mutant Detection, Agility, Speed, Poison Claws, Techno-Organic Healing; Formerlly: Strength
Source of Powers: Human Mutant/Mutate (Altered by Apocalypse and Masque
Note: Caliban has been changed twice by Apocalypse.
Currently: Caliban was recently resurrected by Eli Bard to aid Selene, but had his lifeforce consumed by her when she tried to become a goddess.
Cross References: None

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