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Name: Black Knight (III)
Real Name: Dane Garrett Whitman
Previous Names: Pendragon, Crusader (II)
Current Team Affiliation: MI:13
Previous Team Affiliation: Knights Of Wundagore, UltraForce, Excalibur, Heroes For Hire, Avengers, Masters Of Evil
First Appearance: Avengers #47
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Current: Ebony Blade (Cutting Through Any Physical Substance; Cutting Through Mystical Barriers, Deflecting Energy, Absorbing Energy, Corruption of Wielder); Formerly: Sword Of Light (Creates Light, Dispel Magical Barriers), Avalonian Armor, Sheild Of Night (Absorbs Energy), Photonic Sword (Energy Blade, Neural Disruption)
Source of Powers: Human Mutant
Note: Black Knight is was once afflicted by the curse of the Ebony Blade.
Currently: Black Knight recently joined the MI:13.
Cross References: Strider (Winged Steed), Black Knight (II)(Uncle)(D), Sersi (Ex-Wife) (D=Deceased)

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