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Name: Archangel
Real Name: Warren Kenneth Worthington, III
Previous Names: Death (III), Horseman Of Death (II), Angel (III), Avenging Angel, Michael the Archangel, the Avenger, The Right Hand of God
Current Team Affiliation: X-Club, X-Men, X-Force, Worthington Industries
Previous Team Affiliation: Four Horseman Of Apocalypse (V), X-Factor, Champions, Defenders, X-Terminators, Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, St. Joseph Track Team
First Appearance: X-Men (Vol. 1) #1
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Wings, Hollow Bones, Flight, Healing Blood, Transformation into Angel of Death, Razor Sharp Metal Wings, Razor Feather Missles
Source of Powers: Human Mutant; Genetically Altered (By Apocalypse)
Note: Archangel was transformed into the Horseman of Death by Apocalypse.
Currently: Archangel's currently helping with the X-Men's relocation to San Francisco.
Cross References: Warren Worthington, Jr. (Father)(D), Kathryn Worthington (Mother)(D), The Dazzler (Uncle), Warren Worthington, Sr. (Grandfather)(D), Wallace Worthington (Ancestor)(D) (D=Deceased)

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