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X-Statix's Room

Former Members:


Honorary Members:

Jesus Diaz

Dishonorable Members:

Trillion Dollar Man

Deceased Members:

The Anarchist

Dead Girl

El Guapo


Venus Dee Milo

Mr. Sensitive

Mysterious Fanboy




Former Members:

Victor Filson
Dishonorable Members:

Brad Gutman

Name: X-Statix
Membership: Mr. Sensitive [Leader], Trillion Dollar Man [Owner], The Anarchist, Doop, Dead Girl, Vivisector, Phat, Venus Dee Milo, El Guapo, Henrietta, Jesus Diaz [Honorary], Mysterious Fanboy; Staff: Victor Filson, Brad Gutman
Previous Names: None
First Appearance: X-Statix #1 (Cameo: X-Force #129)
Brief Description of Powers and Abilities: Various
Source of Powers: Human Mutants
Note: X-Statix was formed after a lawsuit over the X-Force name.
Currently: X-Statix are currently disbanded after most of the team was killed.
Cross References: None

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