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Update (09/05/11) for my's what this consisted of:
Finally updated most of the profiles, Added the X-Force Bush League and the Lights; Check it out!
Coming Soon: Alternate Universes! Parodies! And Maybe Even The Kitchen Sink!

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments. Please check the FAQ before you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q: Can we E-Mail you to let you know what has happened in the X-Universe as soon as the comics come out and you don't already have the info on your page?
A: That is not necessary. I buy all the X-Titles every month so I am aware of what goes on in the comics. Just because I don't update the exact day the comic comes out (I get my comics twice a month) does not mean I don't know what has happened.

2) Q: Why does it take you so long to update your page? Sometimes it's months between updates.
A: Well, I do have somewhat of a life. I sometimes get busy with work and writing that I don't have the time to update regularly. I'm trying to update more often. When I can find the time.

3) Q: I haven't read the comics for years and I came across your page. You say you have everyone that's been on an X-Team, but I can't seem to find my favorite characters (i.e. Kitty Pryde of the X-Men and Boom-Boom of New Mutants). Why don't you have them listed?
A: Unfortunately, characters in the X-Universe change nicknames often (i.e. Kitty Pryde = Shadowcat and Boom-Boom = Meltdown, so if you can't find a character by the name you remember look at the names in ( ), that will list another popular name that character was well known for.

4) Q: A lot of other webpages has a gallery with tons of pics of the characters, but you only have a few pics of the characters. When will you get a bigger gallery of pics?
A: The goal of my page is to tribute every member, and by doing that I'm only putting pics of the various costumes each character has had in their life in the comics. To give the people that visit a chance to see how they've changed. My page is not about tons of pics.

5) Q: Why don't you have pics of the teams together (i.e. Group pics)?
A: Team lineups change fast and frequently and keeping up with pics of the changes is too much of a hassle and I've chosen not to do it for now. But you never know, I may change my mind.

6) Q: Is there anyway I can help you with your page?
A: I'm always looking for new pics (since I sometimes don't have the time to scan them myself), so if you have pics that I don't have, feel free to send them to me (as long as they are in .JPG or .GIF format and under 100KB in size, and are scans from the comics and not from Cards), also I'm trying to give each character an in-depth history of their life in comics focusing on their major highlights of life (and not every little storyline they've been in), so if you want to help there you're more than welcome to. And I'm also looking for pics/bios/histories of the Allies and Villains.

7) Q: Why don't you have any info for the X-Men Movie or the Cartoons on your page?
A: My page isn't about movies or cartoons. It's about the comic book universe. Therefore, no info/pics/misc from Movies, TV Series, or Novels, will ever appear on my page but maybe soon there will be from any comic based off them. Only events pertaining to comicbook storylines will be touched on.

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